CyberFashion II: Contributors

Post-show Performance:
Anne Niemetz's "Suspending Disbelief"

4 person interactive suspenders performance

Virtual Reality Garb:

Fifth Dimension Technologies: Data Glove and VR-HMD
Fakespace Labs, Inc.: Pinch Gloves
Tek Gear: Oriscape Cyberman VR-HMD

Wearable Computers & Displays

Charmed Technology: CharmIT
Xybernaut Corporation: Poma
The Wearable Group at Carnegie Mellon: Spot R3 Prototype
L3 Systems: WristPC
Microvision: Nomad Personal Display System
eMagin: eGlass
Pixman: mobile digital video medium

Hi-Tech Carrying Cases:

backpacks by SpeedPac and Boblbee
e-Holster Personal Electronic Concealment system

Smart Clothes:

MIT Media Laboratory: Galvactivator Glove by Jocelyn Scheirer & Rosalind Picard
MIT-CAVS: No-Contact Women's Self Defense Jacket by Adam Whiton Yolita Nugent
Burton Snowboards: I-Pod Amp Jacket
Lucy Dunne (Cornell University Department of Textiles and Apparel): Smart Jacket & Pulse Evening Gowns

Luminous Clothing & Accessories

Animated LED collar by Jason Libsch
Jim Bunkelman's whimsical Electro-luminescent designs
Luminex Fiber Optic Fashions by Zuzka
I-Popper Brilliant Lighted Wearables
ClubThings light up club wear
Tony Edward's Electro-luminescent jacket & goggles
Laura Cesari (Art Institute of California): Midnight Sun Dress

CAD/CAM Jewelry & Bodywear

Kimberly Voight (Temple University Tyler School of Art): Locking Commitment Set
Stanley Lechtzin & Daniella Kerner (Temple University Tyler School of Art): bracelets
Rebecca Strzelec (Penn State Altoona - Visual Arts Dept.): Still Brooch
Jennifer Sholtis (Stephen F. Austin State University - Metals and Jewelry): Spiral Bracelet & Cuff
Making Sense Cluster (Grays School of Art, The Robert Gordon University): Headdresses

A Look into the Future:

Soundweaver Arachnobot Costume by Tank Renzo & Rae Sin (IT-University of Göteborg, Art and Technology)
Byron Lahey's "Smart" Umbrella
Kristen Gillette's Thread Fashion Co.

Special Thanks to:

UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts
Makeup by Josef
Institute for Accelerating Change
Applied Effects

Bosch Rexroth
Chalmers University of Technology
Göteborg University
Cornell Council for the Arts
Phillips Design and Research
Caballera Inc.
Burning Man Art Nation

Psymbiote would like to thank:

isa gordon
Jesse Jarrell

Sensory Engineering
Arizona State University Institute for Studies in the Arts

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