Glimpse tomorrow's trends in body-tech with an exhibition
of today's cutting edge projects, products, and prototypes

Wearable Computers & Displays

Steve Mann @ University of Toronto

Cyborglogs as lifelong personal experience capture for


Thanks: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Program,
Toronto Arts Council, Nikon Canada, NSERC.

Department of Geography @ University of California, Santa Barbara

team: Keith Clarke, Andrea Nuernberger, Tom Pingel

Bristol Wearable Computing @ University of Bristol, UK

team: Cliff Randell (U-Bristol), Annie Lovejoy, Richard Hull (HP),
             David May (U-Bristol), Henk Muller (U-Bristol), Phil Stenton (HP)


thanks: Equator, HP Labs, Annie Lovejoy

Charmed Technologies


5DT <Fifth Dimension Technologies>

Smart Clothes

whisper[s] research group @ The Interactivity Lab, School for Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University

team: Thecla Schiphorst, Susan Kozel, Sang Mah, Robb Lovell, Jan Erkku, Gretchen Elsner,
            Diana Burgoyne,Norman Jaffe, Calvin Chow, Camille Baker

thanks: BC Advanced Systems Institute, CANARIE Inc., Canada Council for the Arts,

Daniel Langlois Foundation, Heritage Canada, V2_Lab for Unstable Media, Savage Media Society,
School for Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University

The SMARTlab Centre @ Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design

Dr Lizbeth Goodman, Director & SafetyNET safewear team for SAFEspaces.Net:


Daria Dorosh (FIT), Neeti Gupta (MIT/MS Res.), Katherine Milton, Kathy Mooney, Tara Mooney,

Gayil Nalls, Cassandra St Louis, Jana Riedel, Fay Torez-yap, et al.


thanks: BBC, CSM, Meera Ganhi, the Mooney Sisters, FIT, Lifetime TV

ICT & Anthrotronix

team: Cori Lathan, Anthrotronix, Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Donat-Pierre Luigi,  
            USC/Institute for Creative Technologies, Olfactory Sculpture by Gayil Nalls

Paul Davies

Lucy Dunne @ Cornell University

thanks: Cornell Council for the Arts

Younghui Kim @ / Milena Iossifova @ Missing Pixel

thanks: Zuzka for Luminex

Alison Lewis @ Parsons School of Design

Carnegie Mellon University School of Design / The Wearable Group at Carnegie Mellon

Student prototypes instigated by Elizabeth Wellman & Francine Gemperle:


Lily Cho, Kajal Gala, Aubrey Shick

Chris D'Eramo, Stephen Kob, Jessica Mellon

CMU Industrial Design Monkeys

team: Purin Phanichphant, Brian Currens, Joanie Carlson

Luminous Clothing & Futuristic Fashion

Bethany Shorb @ Cyberoptix

Harlot from Hell

team: Sheila X, Tim X, Boadicea Stephenson


team: Jesse Jarrell, DEvan Brown, isa gordon

CyberDog UK

Charmed Technology

Jim Bunkelman @ Galatea Productions

Janet Hansen @ Enlighted Designs Inc

Laura Cesari

CAD/CAM Jewelry & Bodywear:

Kimberly Voight @ Temple University, Tyler School of Art

Stanley Lechtzin / Daniella Kerner @ Temple University, Tyler School of Art

Rebecca Strzelec @ Penn State Altoona

Jennifer L. Sholtis @ Stephen F. Austin State University

Jennifer Theokary @ Temple University, Tyler School of Art

unscheduled appearances

Garnet Hertz @ University of California, Irvine

Additional Fashions provided by: AMF Korsets

CFS 04 Crew:

DEvan Brown, Jeanette LaChappelle, Jessica Wullkotte, Sterling Ely, Xris,

Aaron Collins, Bethany Shorb, Janet Hansen, Alison Lewis, Garnet Hertz


Wicked Talent

Donna Ricci, Belle Morte, Sherri Snyder, Morgan St Llyonesse, Tiffany


the Mutaytor

Reverend Kate Nelson, Juniper Jairala, Sylvie Hitchcock, Matty Nash, and Brady Spindel, Suz E Q


Maya Hyena's Siren


the SMARTlab

Cassandra St Louis, Katherine Milton, Jana Riedel, Lizbeth Goodman


whisper[s] research

Thecla Schiphorst, Susan Kozel, Sang Mah



Mistress Veronica, Art Lazaro, Bethany Shorb, Laura Ceasari, Victor Zordan,

Maria Ingold, Teri Beasley, Alex Lightman

Styling by:

Dawn Mattocks, Jeannette LaChappelle, Steve Arthur,

Heather O'Brien, Halley Bobbit, AmberJean Hegge



Models' full color fingernail printing by ImagiNail's revolutionary NailJet Pro,

and donated by WayCoolNails of California.


Preshow Performers:

Andrea Roo Ruane, Bryan Foley, Eric Gradman, Athena Demos, Jerri Manthey, Karis James Fraijo,
KJ Karen Jones, Jenn Quedneau, Raymond Persi & RayRay, Mutech, & Hargo Singh

See the full Mutaytor show at Hollywood Avalon this Saturday August 14th at 10:30pm
For more information visit


Special Thanks To:

Joey Strange
Scott Ezzell
Suzanne Bernel
Tiger Lee Photography
Applied Effects
Dan Brasic
Louis Fleischauer
Brian Mann
Leah Thompson
James Fung
Daniel Chen
Greg Priest-Dorman
The Burning Man Community
Pete Braccio & All the Studio Guerillas

Psymbiote would like to thank:

Sensory Engineering
Fifth Dimension Technology
Charlie Payne
ASU Institute for Studies in the Arts



Additional Photography, Design and Publishing Services provided by Greg Passmore Photography and Z media Studios.


Produced with the generous support of Charmed Capital and SintheteX.





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