The Psymbiote Speaks: On Generating a Cyborg Body
Lecture / Demo on Creative Cybernetic Research by isa gordon and Jesse Jarrell

Notes: This paper was prepared for spoken presentation and not for publication; therefore it is written in a conversational tone, and it not formally cited or documented. In addition it is sprinkled throughout with questions intended to generate audience interaction. We hope that as you read this you will consider your own responses to these questions. As this is a long and extensively illustrated paper, I've divided it into multiple web pages for ease of loading.


the psymbiote speaks through me
echo of whispers from this womb
can you hear her?
she asks:

am i beautiful?
do you fear me?
will you let me seduce you?
but i need your permission
you have to let me inside your boundaries
you have to want to be dissected
let me caress the viscera
let me extend myself into you
we can blur the edges together
i can make you more
i can build you into something new
let me under your skin
and i will make you whole

Seeding the Psymbiote

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